Top SEO tips to get your site noticed in 2017

SEO artwork magnifying glass

I remember the good old days. When I first started out as a developer over 10 years ago to get to the rank highly in search engine results, all one had to worry about was meta keywords and titles. Those were the days! While these are all still important now, developers have a lot more […]

SVG – A web designer’s best friend and not to be feared

SVG (scalable vector graphics) is a type of vector image format that can be used on websites, animations and more. The benefits are plentiful, but in short, apart from the much smaller file size, an SVG won’t go blurry or pixelated when zoomed in on. Here at Xenon Web Design we’ve started using SVGs in nearly […]

Self-Driving Cars – The New Kid on the Block

Self driving cars - the new kid on the block

Self-driving cars are here, so to speak. Some companies, such as Uber and Google, have been out testing their new babies, the ones that will pick you up and drop you off where you want to go with no unnecessary chit chat with a driver, because one doesn’t exist. Or at least it’s not supposed […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Smartphones

Things you didn't know about your smart phone

How much do you love your phone? Are you addicted to it, do you sleep with it? Well many people do. I wish my phone could go into the ocean with me without some big fancy case, or go in the shower when I’m making a phone call but need to multi-task. But even though […]

Can You Recognise These Movie Posters with the Titles Removed?

How many of these film posters can you recongise with their titles digitally removed? Madani Bendjellal has created a fantastic gallery, and naming the films depicted is not as easy as you may think! Click an image below to see a larger version. For the answers, click the source link below. Source: “Removed” by […]

Outlook 2011 for Mac Won’t Open – Click Icon, Nothing Happens

The other week, I clicked my Outlook 2011 icon my my Mac OS X dock and nothing happened. Sometimes, it may open for a brief moment and then closes again.  Turns out the solution was to re-build the databases. Solution When clicking Outlook icon on the Dock, hold down the alt key. If there is no […]

Mac OS X Terminal Stuck in a Task Won’t let You Type Anything


I’ve recently been getting my head around Terminal on OS X and using it to watch my folders for changes in my .scss (SASS) files and automatically getting them compiled into .css files for production. I couldn’t find any documentation anywhere for what to do to get out of a background task that’s running. So […]

How to Get Dreamweaver CC Code View and Design View Side By Side

Dreamweaver, out of the box, comes with the code view on top of the design view. With modern, widescreen monitors these days, a better use of the screen space is to have the views side-by-side. To do this, you need to click View > Split Vertically. By default, the design view will be on the […]