How to Share Keyboard and Mouse Input Between Mac, PC and Linux

Synergy allows you to share one keyboard and mouse between multiple networked PCs. The graphic above demonstrates it is as simple as moving your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen on one machine, and have it appear on the monitor next to it. This kind of set us is fantastic for multi platform […]

Is it Possible to Delete an Ad Unit in Google Adsense?

According to a post on the Google Product Forums you are not able to delete an unused ad unit. You can HIDE your unused ad unit, by clicking on Hide button under Actions.If an ad unit is hidden and idle for a while, Google may automatically remove it from your dashboard. You could however rename it and reuse the ad unit […]

Do I have to Keep Re-Submitting my Site Map to Google if it changes?

In short, yes you should re-submit your site map to Google every time you make changes to your website. This does include a new blog post or news article. This can be rather tedious, especially for frequent bloggers, however Google have made it easy to re-submit your sitemap using Webmaster tools, or you can even do it […]

How to Search For Large Files by File Size in Mac Finder

To search for the largest files on your hard drive taking up space, you will need to open up a Finder window and press cmd + F. The search tool bar will appear. The first drop down is the criteria, for some strange reason File Size is not a default option, so choose “Other…“. In […]

How to Show Hidden or Idle Ad Units in Google Adsense

If you would like to show idle ad units or ad units you have previously hidden you will need to click “Advanced Filters” in the top right hand corner of the dashboard. Below on the menu that opens up you can tick the boxes to show Idle or Hidden ads. You list will update automatically.

Microsoft Shuts Down Hotmail Brand – Replaced by

Microsoft has announced it will be shutting down the famous webmail service and “soon upgrade every Hotmail user to”. Microsoft is confident the switchover will be smooth and predicts the benefits will far outweigh the headaches. The new design better matches the look and feel of its new Windows 8 operating system that launched last Fall. […]