Easter Smash or Grab – HTML 5 Facebook App Game

Easter Smash or Grab is an HTML5 game that has been compiled with Construct 2 and been converted into a Facebook app for a marketing agency called Enigma Marketing. The campaign was created to drive traffic to the Facebook page with the aim of increasing the number of likes on the page. There is an iPod […]

Impossibly Difficult CSS3 Mouse Maze Game

Try out this difficult CSS3 Mouse Maze game! The game loads 4 levels and your job is to get the mouse cursor from the left hand side of the screen to the right without touching the animated barriers. If if you touch the sides, you fail and will have to start again. The game was created […]

Optimising Images by Converting them to Base 64 CSS Code

Further to our article on lossless image compression last week, another method to further decrease the download time is to store the image as code within the CSS file. This way the browser does not have to make an HTTP request for the image and can often result in a quicker download speed, provided the […]

Optimising Scripting Performance Using “async” Attribute

The async attribute will tell the browser to download the asset the attribute is written on to download at the same time as the HTML within the page. If you do not use the async attribute on a script the page has to wait for the script to be fully download, parsed and executed before […]

Description of The Different Types of Hyphens / Dashes

It is not often known in typography that there exist multiple different types of hypen. The smallest typographic line is the hyphen. This is the short dash used to link words that are hyphenated and for a word that doesn’t fit on the end of a line when justifying a paragraph. Em-dashes and en-dashes are the two […]