Photograph Leaked Showing “iPhone 5C” Packaging

Image of iPhone 5C packaging released

A photo has surfaced showing plastic packaging for a new iPhone product called the “iPhone 5C”. The image, posted on Chinese site WeiPhone, appears to show white plastic retail packaging marked with the name “iPhone 5C”. The packaging, not yet been confirmed to be genuine, could be for Apple’s long-rumoured budget plastic iPhone. Source: Mac Rumours

New £10 Note Concept Features Jane Austen

Jane Austen new £10 note concept

This concept artwork for the new British £10 note features famous author Jane Austen on the rear and will be accompanied by a quote from Pride and Prejudice, in which Miss Bingley says: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” The artwork replaces Charles Darwin on the current bank note and features a slightly […]

Hidden message in the new Wendy’s logo

Hidden message in the new Wendy's logo

According to a recent survey more than half of men prefer their Mom’s cooking to their own wife’s. A lot of people associate a home cooked meal with and loving and safe environment. Most people have some sort of attachment to a few of the dishes their Mother’s used to cook. Wendy’s fast food chain […]

Create Your Own Nebula Graphics

Create your own nebula graphics

This online tool allows you to paint your own nebula and then export the final image as a lossless PNG file. There are a number of different settings you can play with to tweak the output such as intensity and exposure. Click the source link below to try it out! Source:

Watch This Incredible Private Jet Catalogue That Really Flies

Incredible hovering catalogue

This clever concept uses electromagnets to elevate this private jet brochure from its stand, as the video above shows. When your clients could potentially be spending millions of pounds on your product, it’s well worth spending a little extra to set your brochure apart from the pack and make sure it’s your company name they […]

Amazing 3D CSS Rendered Clouds

Amazing CSS3 animated cloud renders

Click to Release have created a 3D cloud generator, rendered with CSS using the 3D Transforms property. The generator supports Google Chrome and Safari and Firefox, with a slight speed boost if using the Nightly build version of Firefox. You can generate regular white and dark grey storm clouds. The tool even lets you generate “Michael Bay” style […]