Can you name that shade of blue?

Can you name that shade of branding blue?

The colour blue is taking over the tech world and the internet. Name That Blue shows you a shade of blue and you have to name which tech company it belongs to. Simple! Click the source link below to try it out. What score did you get? Source: Name That Blue

Stunning Photos of Cities Without Light Pollution

Thierry Cohen’s thought-provoking series Darkened Cities depicts what various cityscapes worldwide would look like minus all of the light pollution. The Paris-based photographer superimposes skies his photos are taken from locations that are situated on the same latitude as the original cities, and shot at the same angle. The resulting images are beautiful. Source: Flavorwire

Creative Mother Turns Her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures

Queenie Liao, a free-lance artist and mother of three boys living in California, has creatively combined artistry and imagination with photography. Her series of photographs of her son Wengenn show the adventurous dramas he dreams of during his sleep. The photos were created using plain cloths, stuffed animals, and other common household materials to create the background […]

What is the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile?

Opera Logo Switch WebKit

When browser testing my websites, I have always wondered what the difference between Opera Mini and Mobile are. According to the Opera Mini FAQs: Opera Mini, Opera Mobile and Opera for desktop all share the same rendering engine, Opera Presto. (Ed: Which I think may now be Webkit for Opera Desktop) With Opera Mini, this is located […]

How To Turn Off Autocorrect in Skype Conversations

How to turn off autocorrect auto spelling correction in Skype

If you find that Skype is correcting your words thinking they are misspelt, it is possible to turn off the autocorrect feature in Skype. You need to untick the following options : Edit > Spelling and Grammar > “Check Spelling While Typing” and “Correct Spelling Automatically”.

3D Globe Visually Showing the World’s Population

3D Globe Showing Worlds Population

The latest Google Chrome Experiment is a 3D rotating globe rendered using WebGL. It uses coloured bars to represent population density through the ages. The website requires Google Chrome in order to work. Click the source link below to try it out. Source: Chrome Experiments