See this Incredible Scale Airbus A380 Model Plane Flying

Incredible Scale Airbus A380 Model Flying Video

The below video was filmed at an air show in Germany and shows a 1:15 scale model of a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. The video shows the plan taxiing on to the runway and perform a take off, fly by and landing for the crowd. The landing looks like it could be difficult to pull […]

CSS ‘px’ doesn’t stand for ‘pixels’ – is an Angular Measurement

CSS PX doesn't stand for Pixels

The “px” unit in CSS doesn’t really have anything to do with pixels on your monitor, despite how the name would imply. “Px” are actually an non-linear angular measurement. Below are the formulæ to convert between radians and px: radians = arctan(px/5376) * 2 px = 5376 * tan(radians/2) Using this formula, you can work […]

Facebook Unveils new Like Button

New Facebook Like Button

Facebook has unveiled its new design for the ‘Like’ button that can be embedded on to pages. They have opted for a darker design with a cleaner silhouette logo on top, the previous design was lighter with dark caption text. For those of you not aware, the like button can be clicked after reading an article […]

GarageBand Error Core Audio: Disk is too slow (Write) (-10002)

GarageBand Disk is too slow

The above GarageBand error is fortunately quite rare, but when it does occur during a recording session, it will cause the current track recording to stop, despite GarageBand appearing like it is still recording. There is no definitive answer to fix this, there are a number of precautions you can take before pressing record to […]