Amazing Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Advert for Pepsi Max

Pepsi augmented reality advert

This advert for Pepsi Max in the UK uses a camera and a giant screen in a bus shelter to prank people waiting for the bus. The screen and camera is set up to look like a normal pane of glass except augmented reality overlays a number of different pranks over the top. Some of […]

F.lux – App That Syncs Your Computer’s Backlight with The Sunset

F.lux App

f.lux is an ingenious app that you can download for Mac, PC, Linux and iPhone/iPad that syncs your computers back-lighting with the sunrise and sunset. Computer screens are designed to look best during daylight hours, however at night they can disrupt your sleep cycle as screens are designed to emulate the sun’s light. f.lux fixes […]

Interactive 360 degree Video of a Car Drifting Round Silverstone

360 car pan video

The interactive video in the source link below was shot on a special 360 degree camera and shows a lap of Silverstone. The footage was then stitched together and made into a web plugin. You can click and drag with your mouse to look around the car in real time.  You can even right click […]

Incredible Real-Time 3D Graphics in a Browser – Nestle Promotional Site

Underwater graphics 3d browser

Nestle have created an incredible promotional site for their Special.T brand featuring a beautiful underwater scene. The site promotes a new limited edition O Green flavour  and allows you to travel around the real-time 3D environment from inside your browser. The scene features underwater, volumetric lighting and detailed textures on the rocks and sand. Click […]