How to Force Quit a Crashed Unresponsive Tab in Google Chrome

Google Chrome's Task Manager

Each tab in Google Chrome is self-contained so if it hangs or becomes unresponsive it usually doesn’t affect the other tabs you have open. However, occasionally you may be faced with a crashed tab that won’t close. First of all, try using ⌘ + W, or Ctrl + W on Windows, to close it,  if […]

Ingenious Newspaper Advert Features 3D Kitchen in Classified Ads

Newspaper Print Kitchen Advert

This very clever print advert hides a 3D kitchen, complete with gas hood and stove, within the classified ads section of a newspaper. The ad for Corona’s kitchens by Colombia-based designer Felipe Salazar plays with the geometry of classified ads and makes the kitchen pop right out at you.

The Story Behind the Famous “Bliss” Windows XP Background

Windows XP Bliss Background

Microsoft have released a video explaining the story behind the famous “Bliss” wallpaper that was on every Windows XP computer. Since the operating system was released over a decade ago, billions of people have seen the rolling hills and perfect blue sky that photographer Charles O’Rear reveals was shot just north of San Fransisco  – […]

This Website Gives You a Relaxing Break in Your Stressful Day

calm com is a website from Alex Tew, the inventor of the Million Dollar Homepage back in 2005, which allows you to take short, relaxing breaks from your stressful day. On the site, you can choose either 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute guided breaks for meditation where the female voice over will instruct you […]

Classic Album Cover Locations in Google Street View

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory by Oasis. Photograph shot on Berwick Street in London’s Soho. Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea by PJ Harvey. Photograph shot in Times Square, New York, in the year 2000. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin. Photograph shot at The East Village residential blocks, St Mark’s Place, New York. […]