Patatap the HTML 5 Beatbox Website

Online Beat Box Website Patatap

Patatap is an HTML 5 beatbox website with hundreds of drum samples and sound effects to play with. Once Patatap has loaded, you can press any letter key from A-Z on your keyboard and a drum sample will play! The website also displays full screen CSS animations in the background while you play. Pressing the […]

Fun HTML 5 Canvas 3D Drawing Website

Circumscribble, is a website that lets you draw a shape with your mouse or finger and when you release the brush, your drawing rotates in 3D. Click the source link below to try it out. This is just one of many examples from the dhteumeuleu website of HTNL 5 and Javascript demos, the rest can […]

Interactive HTML 5 Everest Summit Explorer Website

Everest Climb Interactive HTML 5

This great interactive site, made by Discovery to commemorate the 2014 avalanche tragedy, allows you to climb and explore Mount Everest from the comfort of your own screen. The site plays a full-screen, HTML 5 video of a visualisation of the ascent, split into three different parts from base camp to the summit. Once at […]