The Nostalgia Machine Lets You Listen to Songs From Your Childhood

Nostalgia Machine

Check out nostalgic music tracks from the year you were born at the Nostalgia Machine website. Simply choose a year from the dropdown menu on the home page to see top tracks from that year. The song lists are compiled from the Billboard Top 100 charts for that particular year. Click the source link below […]

How to Launch an App/Program in Mac OS X using a Keyboard Shortcut

How to launch any application with a keyboad shortcut on Mac OS X

Here is a tutorial showing you how to launch any app / program (or collection of apps) using a keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks. The process involves using Automator and creating a new Service then assigning that service a keyboard shortcut in the System Preferences screen. Here’s how to create […]

You Won’t Believe These Images are Actually 3D Renders

These images are not photographs, they are in fact 3D renders created by BBB3viz in an album called Tribeca Loft on Flickr. The incredibly detailed models were created in Autodesk 3ds Max and rendered out using the V-Ray renderer. The full album (in the source link below) contains lots more renders, equally as impressive as […]