Can You Recognise These Movie Posters with the Titles Removed?

How many of these film posters can you recongise with their titles digitally removed? Madani Bendjellal has created a fantastic gallery, and naming the films depicted is not as easy as you may think! Click an image below to see a larger version. For the answers, click the source link below. Source: “Removed” by […]

The Bézier Game Teaches You The Photoshop Pen Tool

The Bézier Game Teaches You The Photoshop Pen Tool

This browser game teaches you how to draw perfect curves using the Photoshop and Illustrator pen tool. The game will show you a quick tutorial then take you through paths to try and follow, increasing in difficulty. Try it out by clicking the source link below. Source: The Bézier Game

Chocolate Lego Lets You Build Delicious, Edible Models

This chocolate Lego concept, created Japanese designer Akihiro Mizuuchi, allows you to eat your creations after you’ve built them. Melted chocolate is poured into precisely designed Lego moulds and then popped out when cooled. The edible bricks are then ready to use like the regular toy bricks. See below for some of the creations Mizuuchi […]

You Won’t Believe These Images are Actually 3D Renders

These images are not photographs, they are in fact 3D renders created by BBB3viz in an album called Tribeca Loft on Flickr. The incredibly detailed models were created in Autodesk 3ds Max and rendered out using the V-Ray renderer. The full album (in the source link below) contains lots more renders, equally as impressive as […]

Ingenious Newspaper Advert Features 3D Kitchen in Classified Ads

Newspaper Print Kitchen Advert

This very clever print advert hides a 3D kitchen, complete with gas hood and stove, within the classified ads section of a newspaper. The ad for Corona’s kitchens by Colombia-based designer Felipe Salazar plays with the geometry of classified ads and makes the kitchen pop right out at you.

The Story Behind the Famous “Bliss” Windows XP Background

Windows XP Bliss Background

Microsoft have released a video explaining the story behind the famous “Bliss” wallpaper that was on every Windows XP computer. Since the operating system was released over a decade ago, billions of people have seen the rolling hills and perfect blue sky that photographer Charles O’Rear reveals was shot just north of San Fransisco  – […]