Things You Didn’t Know About Smartphones

Things you didn't know about your smart phone

How much do you love your phone? Are you addicted to it, do you sleep with it? Well many people do. I wish my phone could go into the ocean with me without some big fancy case, or go in the shower when I’m making a phone call but need to multi-task. But even though […]

Navigate Dialog Boxes with the Keyboard Keys in Mac OS X

Mac OS X Keyboard shortcut navigate dialog boxes

Unlike Windows, out of the box, Mac OS X does not allow you to navigate dialog box buttons (Ok, Cancel, Yes, No etc.) using the keyboard. However, it is possible to enable this feature using the following method: Go to System Preferences and choose Keyboard. Click the “Shortcuts” tab at the top Enable Full Keyboard […]

Would You Own A Golden Coloured iPhone?

Would you own the "Champagne" gold coloured iPhone?

Rumours of a new “Champagne” coloured golden iPhone have been around for a while now. The new variant could make perfect financial sense in a huge market like China. Gold is a popular colour for gadgets in China — especially within the country’s growing middle-class. Beginning October 1st every year there is a large national […]

Photograph Leaked Showing “iPhone 5C” Packaging

Image of iPhone 5C packaging released

A photo has surfaced showing plastic packaging for a new iPhone product called the “iPhone 5C”. The image, posted on Chinese site WeiPhone, appears to show white plastic retail packaging marked with the name “iPhone 5C”. The packaging, not yet been confirmed to be genuine, could be for Apple’s long-rumoured budget plastic iPhone. Source: Mac Rumours