Top SEO tips to get your site noticed in 2017

SEO artwork magnifying glass

I remember the good old days. When I first started out as a developer over 10 years ago to get to the rank highly in search engine results, all one had to worry about was meta keywords and titles. Those were the days! While these are all still important now, developers have a lot more […]

How to Get Dreamweaver CC Code View and Design View Side By Side

Dreamweaver, out of the box, comes with the code view on top of the design view. With modern, widescreen monitors these days, a better use of the screen space is to have the views side-by-side. To do this, you need to click View > Split Vertically. By default, the design view will be on the […]

How to Fix the WordPress Maintenance Mode Error Message

WordPress Maintenance Mode Error How to Fix

Recently I managed to break WordPress by interrupting the update process by pressing Escape to stop the loading of the page before the process had completed. This caused the error message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” to display on the front-end. To fix this problem is very simple. During the […]

Fun HTML 5 Canvas 3D Drawing Website

Circumscribble, is a website that lets you draw a shape with your mouse or finger and when you release the brush, your drawing rotates in 3D. Click the source link below to try it out. This is just one of many examples from the dhteumeuleu website of HTNL 5 and Javascript demos, the rest can […]

See The Evolution of the Web in this Animated Timeline Infographic

Evolution of the Web Infographic

This animated timeline infographic uses SVG to render colourful lines depicting the web’s long history. It tells you the birthdate of web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL. The colour bands in the visualisation represent the interaction between web technologies and browsers, which brings to life the many powerful web apps that we use daily. […]

Auto Write Element Classes and IDs in Sublime Text – Handy Shortcut

Helpful Sublime Text Shortcut

Here is a handy time-saving hint for people working in Sublime Text. If you are hand-writing a new div tag or any other element that requires an ID or a Class to be added. Simply write the following shorthand syntax: div.class then immediately press the Tab key and the text becomes… <div class=”class”></div> …with the […]

Amazing 3D HTML5 WebGL Flying Game

HelloRun 3D HTML5 game using WebGL

Check out HelloRun, the amazing 3D flying game created using HTML5 and rendered with WebGL. Use your mouse to steer through the corridors avoiding the light barriers. You can hold down your mouse button to speed up. The soundtrack is great and worth a mention too. Click the source link below to try out HelloRun. […]

How To Create an HTML Signature in Mac Mail on OS X Mountain Lion

How to make a graphical HTML signature in Mac Mail in OS X Mountain Lion

To make your business emails look more impressive you can add a full HTML signature in Mac Mail. You can add corporate logos, styled text, anchor tags and even graphical links to social media. The process isn’t quite as straight forward as in Outlook for Mac or Thunderbird, but the below tutorial will show you how it’s […]

Dark Code View Theme Color Scheme For Dreamweaver CS3+ – Sublime Text Skin

Dreamweaver Code View Colour Scheme Dark Sublime Text 2

By default, the Dreamweaver code view can be quite harsh on the eyes. Below you can download a plugin theme file to match Sublime Text 2’s dark colour scheme. Click here to download the colour scheme plugin. Here are the instructions for installation: Windows XP users Dreamweaver CS4 Ensure Dreamweaver is closed Browse to C:Program […]

Useful Image Placeholder Service –

Image placeholder service is a easy-to-use image placeholder service for website designers. If you are mocking up a website in HTML but don’t yet have the images, you can use to add generic grey boxes with the dimensions shown in its place. It’s very simply, all you need to do is add your dimensions at the […]