Fun HTML 5 Canvas 3D Drawing Website

Circumscribble, is a website that lets you draw a shape with your mouse or finger and when you release the brush, your drawing rotates in 3D. Click the source link below to try it out. This is just one of many examples from the dhteumeuleu website of HTNL 5 and Javascript demos, the rest can […]

Interactive HTML 5 Everest Summit Explorer Website

Everest Climb Interactive HTML 5

This great interactive site, made by Discovery to commemorate the 2014 avalanche tragedy, allows you to climb and explore Mount Everest from the comfort of your own screen. The site plays a full-screen, HTML 5 video of a visualisation of the ascent, split into three different parts from base camp to the summit. Once at […]

Check out this Randomly Generated Infinite 3D Mineshaft

3D Generating Mineshaft in JavaScript

This amazing Temple Run style infinitely generating 3D mineshaft was created as an entry for the 1k JavaScript competition. The script utilizes the HTML 5 canvas element to display a twisting and turning mineshaft cart track with a few surprises along the way. What’s more amazing is the fact the source code is under 1kb in size! […]

The Distance to Mars in Pixels

Distance to Mars in pixels

This clever JavaScript auto-scrolling website shows you the relative distance to Mars in pixels if the Earth was 100px wide. Spoiler alert: It’s a very long way… Click the source link below to check it out. Source: Distance to Mars

Awesome JavaScript Tear-Able Cloth Simulation

JavaScript tear-able cloth simulation

Check out this awesome JavaScript tear-able cloth simulation using verlet integration. Use your left mouse button to pull and tear the cloth in any direction. Use the right mouse button to cut the cloth. Try it out using the source link below! Source: Tear-able Cloth by Lonely Pixel

Impossibly Difficult CSS3 Mouse Maze Game

Try out this difficult CSS3 Mouse Maze game! The game loads 4 levels and your job is to get the mouse cursor from the left hand side of the screen to the right without touching the animated barriers. If if you touch the sides, you fail and will have to start again. The game was created […]

Optimising Scripting Performance Using “async” Attribute

The async attribute will tell the browser to download the asset the attribute is written on to download at the same time as the HTML within the page. If you do not use the async attribute on a script the page has to wait for the script to be fully download, parsed and executed before […]