Outlook 2011 for Mac Won’t Open – Click Icon, Nothing Happens

The other week, I clicked my Outlook 2011 icon my my Mac OS X dock and nothing happened. Sometimes, it may open for a brief moment and then closes again.  Turns out the solution was to re-build the databases. Solution When clicking Outlook icon on the Dock, hold down the alt key. If there is no […]

Mac OS X Terminal Stuck in a Task Won’t let You Type Anything


I’ve recently been getting my head around Terminal on OS X and using it to watch my folders for changes in my .scss (SASS) files and automatically getting them compiled into .css files for production. I couldn’t find any documentation anywhere for what to do to get out of a background task that’s running. So […]

How to Launch an App/Program in Mac OS X using a Keyboard Shortcut

How to launch any application with a keyboad shortcut on Mac OS X

Here is a tutorial showing you how to launch any app / program (or collection of apps) using a keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks. The process involves using Automator and creating a new Service then assigning that service a keyboard shortcut in the System Preferences screen. Here’s how to create […]

Creating Multi Page PDFs in Adobe Bridge – Perfect for Portfolios

How to create multi page PDFs in Adobe Bridge

In Adobe Bridge you can use the output panel to generate multi page PDF presentations which are perfect for a portfolio of work to email. These presentations can comprise of any image type including Photoshop CS6 images. Follow these steps to create a PDF presentation: Select the images you want to be in your PDF […]

Navigate Dialog Boxes with the Keyboard Keys in Mac OS X

Mac OS X Keyboard shortcut navigate dialog boxes

Unlike Windows, out of the box, Mac OS X does not allow you to navigate dialog box buttons (Ok, Cancel, Yes, No etc.) using the keyboard. However, it is possible to enable this feature using the following method: Go to System Preferences and choose Keyboard. Click the “Shortcuts” tab at the top Enable Full Keyboard […]

How to Use the Mac OS X Screen Recorder Built-In To Quick Time

How to Use the Mac OS X Screen Recorder Built In To Quick Time

Not many people know that you can record direct from your screen and capture your mouse movements straight from Mac OS X. QuickTime Player has this functionality built-in, and it’s really easy to do. With QuickTime open, simply click File > New Screen Recording. You can then click and drag an area of the screen to […]

How To Create an HTML Signature in Mac Mail on OS X Mountain Lion

How to make a graphical HTML signature in Mac Mail in OS X Mountain Lion

To make your business emails look more impressive you can add a full HTML signature in Mac Mail. You can add corporate logos, styled text, anchor tags and even graphical links to social media. The process isn’t quite as straight forward as in Outlook for Mac or Thunderbird, but the below tutorial will show you how it’s […]

Free and Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Dreamweaver

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web Visual Studio is perhaps the editor most similar to Adobe Dreamweaver because it has a “Design View” feature built in. It has a robust code view too featuring code hinting and colour coding. Another advantage is that Visual Studio from version 2010 onwards supports the jQuery VSDoc plugin which […]

Lossless Image Optimisation and Compression Beyond Photoshop “Save for Web”

Image files can have a lot of excess data that is not required for use on websites. “Saving for Web” in Adobe Photoshop does not strip this data away, which means it doesn’t fully optimise your images. None of this information is used by the browser and will add unnecessary bloat to filesize. For example, a JPEG photograph has something known as Exif metadata […]