How to Get Dreamweaver CC Code View and Design View Side By Side

Dreamweaver, out of the box, comes with the code view on top of the design view. With modern, widescreen monitors these days, a better use of the screen space is to have the views side-by-side. To do this, you need to click View > Split Vertically. By default, the design view will be on the […]

How to Force Quit a Crashed Unresponsive Tab in Google Chrome

Google Chrome's Task Manager

Each tab in Google Chrome is self-contained so if it hangs or becomes unresponsive it usually doesn’t affect the other tabs you have open. However, occasionally you may be faced with a crashed tab that won’t close. First of all, try using ⌘ + W, or Ctrl + W on Windows, to close it,  if […]

Creating Multi Page PDFs in Adobe Bridge – Perfect for Portfolios

How to create multi page PDFs in Adobe Bridge

In Adobe Bridge you can use the output panel to generate multi page PDF presentations which are perfect for a portfolio of work to email. These presentations can comprise of any image type including Photoshop CS6 images. Follow these steps to create a PDF presentation: Select the images you want to be in your PDF […]

Beginners Guide to Responsive Website Design with Adobe Edge Reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow Beginners Tutorial

Adobe’s new preview release of Edge Reflow is a fantastic tool for designing responsive websites. You can visually set out break points for your designs and colour code them for different screen sizes such as Tablet, Desktop and Mobile. You can even export CSS styles and media queries for each screen size direct from Edge […]

GarageBand Error Core Audio: Disk is too slow (Write) (-10002)

GarageBand Disk is too slow

The above GarageBand error is fortunately quite rare, but when it does occur during a recording session, it will cause the current track recording to stop, despite GarageBand appearing like it is still recording. There is no definitive answer to fix this, there are a number of precautions you can take before pressing record to […]

How To Turn Off Autocorrect in Skype Conversations

How to turn off autocorrect auto spelling correction in Skype

If you find that Skype is correcting your words thinking they are misspelt, it is possible to turn off the autocorrect feature in Skype. You need to untick the following options : Edit > Spelling and Grammar > “Check Spelling While Typing” and “Correct Spelling Automatically”.

Auto Write Element Classes and IDs in Sublime Text – Handy Shortcut

Helpful Sublime Text Shortcut

Here is a handy time-saving hint for people working in Sublime Text. If you are hand-writing a new div tag or any other element that requires an ID or a Class to be added. Simply write the following shorthand syntax: div.class then immediately press the Tab key and the text becomes… <div class=”class”></div> …with the […]

Dark Code View Theme Color Scheme For Dreamweaver CS3+ – Sublime Text Skin

Dreamweaver Code View Colour Scheme Dark Sublime Text 2

By default, the Dreamweaver code view can be quite harsh on the eyes. Below you can download a plugin theme file to match Sublime Text 2’s dark colour scheme. Click here to download the colour scheme plugin. Here are the instructions for installation: Windows XP users Dreamweaver CS4 Ensure Dreamweaver is closed Browse to C:Program […]

Apple Announces iOS 7 with a Complete Visual Overhaul

Apple iOS 7

Apple has announced its newest version of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Version 7 of iOS features a complete visual re-design using bright colours and simple gradients to replace the highly detailed app icons it currently features. The update is seeding now to developers and will get a general release in […]

The Next Call of Duty Game will be Called Ghosts

New Call of Duty Ghosts

Tesco has accidentally outed the box art for the next game in the Call of Duty franchise. Meet Call Of Duty: Ghosts. As the name suggestions the protagonist may well be Simon “Ghost” Riley from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game is depicted to be developed by Infinity Ward, which would make sense as the previous title […]