Creating Multi Page PDFs in Adobe Bridge – Perfect for Portfolios

How to create multi page PDFs in Adobe Bridge

In Adobe Bridge you can use the output panel to generate multi page PDF presentations which are perfect for a portfolio of work to email. These presentations can comprise of any image type including Photoshop CS6 images. Follow these steps to create a PDF presentation: Select the images you want to be in your PDF […]

How to Overwrite System 32 Files With Admin Privileges

How to overwrite system files with permission admin privileges

When trying to overwrite system files in the Windows or system32 folder, youmay often face this error message “Access denied: You need permission to perform this action.” System files are by default protected by TrustedInstaller. Even if you are logged in as an Admin, you do not have permission to overwrite files in the system32 […]

Free and Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Dreamweaver

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web Visual Studio is perhaps the editor most similar to Adobe Dreamweaver because it has a “Design View” feature built in. It has a robust code view too featuring code hinting and colour coding. Another advantage is that Visual Studio from version 2010 onwards supports the jQuery VSDoc plugin which […]

Lossless Image Optimisation and Compression Beyond Photoshop “Save for Web”

Image files can have a lot of excess data that is not required for use on websites. “Saving for Web” in Adobe Photoshop does not strip this data away, which means it doesn’t fully optimise your images. None of this information is used by the browser and will add unnecessary bloat to filesize. For example, a JPEG photograph has something known as Exif metadata […]