Things You Didn’t Know About Smartphones

How much do you love your phone? Are you addicted to it, do you sleep with it? Well many people do. I wish my phone could go into the ocean with me without some big fancy case, or go in the shower when I’m making a phone call but need to multi-task. But even though there are a lot of things it can do there is still some interesting information that we may not know.

Japan is Ahead of the Curve

Seriously though, Japan is home to waterproof phones. 90% of the phones people have there are waterproof. They are serious business doers which means they have to be available at all times, including if you want to take a shower, you now can, and make your calls at the same time. Where is this technology and why doesn’t the UK have it?

Android Rules the World

iPhones are all the rage. Every year another one comes out and people flock to buy it. However the Apple operating system is not what rules, Android does, they are the ones that hold the market when it comes to smartphone operations. Don’t believe me; just know that over 80% of users are using Android.

Gadgets, Gadgets and More Gadgets…that you Don’t Even Know Exist

You can determine if your window is drafty.  No really you can. There is a plug in that turns your camera into a thermal camera where you can see where and if there is a draft. It can also help to look at other drafty areas in the home as well as determine if pipes need more insulation as well.  A roughly $200 gadget can save you hundreds and thousands in energy bills.

You can even get something, a breathalyzer if you will; to test your BAC before you get into a car if you feel you need something like this. However I wouldn’t recommend it if this is you daily means of trying to get home every night.  In the same sense you can also check your check engine light and see why it’s on.  Saves you a trip to the mechanic (well initially) which can save some money. So there you go, your smartphone being helpful for something other than calls and memes.

Technology is going to improve in the future exponentially. I’m sure we will reach the point when we are looking at holograms as if we are in Star Wars, or having holographic keyboards that were once proposed. We already have cameras on our smartphones that rival the DSLR and it’s amazing with clarity that was once only imagined. I mean the new iPhone even does an amazing job with selfies where there is now a “flash” with the front camera. You can hail a driver from you phone and pay them, and pay at the counter without ever opening your wallet. It’s amazing now, but technology is only going to improve. I imagine one day, you’ll wake up and put on your glasses, which will second as your phone, a computer, and a HUD that advises you to your surroundings. But we haven’t gotten to that point…yet.