How to Get Dreamweaver CC Code View and Design View Side By Side

Dreamweaver, out of the box, comes with the code view on top of the design view. With modern, widescreen monitors these days, a better use of the screen space is to have the views side-by-side. To do this, you need to click View > Split Vertically. By default, the design view will be on the […]

Dark Code View Theme Color Scheme For Dreamweaver CS3+ – Sublime Text Skin

Dreamweaver Code View Colour Scheme Dark Sublime Text 2

By default, the Dreamweaver code view can be quite harsh on the eyes. Below you can download a plugin theme file to match Sublime Text 2’s dark colour scheme. Click here to download the colour scheme plugin. Here are the instructions for installation: Windows XP users Dreamweaver CS4 Ensure Dreamweaver is closed Browse to C:Program […]

Free and Open Source Alternatives to Adobe Dreamweaver

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web Visual Studio is perhaps the editor most similar to Adobe Dreamweaver because it has a “Design View” feature built in. It has a robust code view too featuring code hinting and colour coding. Another advantage is that Visual Studio from version 2010 onwards supports the jQuery VSDoc plugin which […]